Health care facilities in the country are generally in poor condition with chronic shortages of essential equipment, drugs and human resources. The most severe is the lack of adequate skilled attendants that are the most essential element of quality health care.
The Health Statistics in the Country is appalling!
These are facts pointing to the decadence of our health system. It is imperative to begin an aggressive, systematic and consistent battle against the health odds by providing a platform where all stakeholders can hold brief and chart a course out of the morbid rivers of poor health and services.
And this is the platform that THE MEDICAL INSIGHT offers all.

THE MEDICAL INSIGHT is 30 minutes weekly TV innovative, informative, educative and problem-solution based health/medical program.

MEDICAL INSIGHT is a professionally packaged Television Programme that would highlight and create awareness to the cause(s), prevention, treatment and management of health and medical issues particularly those that affect the larger populace such as Malaria, Polio, Guinea Worm, Maternal/Infant Mortality, Cancer, HIV/AIDS to mention but a few.

Furthermore, Medical Insight would:

• Showcase innovative and progressive developments in the health sector- drugs, treatment, technology, diagnosis, etc.
• Help revive Nigeria’s moribund health structure by drawing attention of policy makers
• Bring to limelight advancement in medical/health services, discoveries etc.
• Ultimately, better the overall living conditions of Nigerians as far as health is concerned.


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