Prof. Pat Utomi, – Founder, LBS Lagos, Founder, Centre for Values in Leadership
Ogaga is not only a hard-working and motivated produce/Director, but is a great person to be around as well.
He has a great ability to make both clients and talent feel at ease on a shoot while making sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes.
He is very organized and quick to adapt to unforeseen circumstances to make sure the job gets done; its always a great experience to work with him,
on both a professional and personal level.”

Project: Patitos Gang Tv Show,  2006 – till date
Relationship: Colleague


Mr. Seun Sonoiki – 
Ogaga is a sincere, thoughtful professional whose head and heart are in the right place.
He’s rightly placed in a creative profession that demands constant growth, adaptability and flexibility.
I’ve worked with and depended on him many times and would jump at the chance to do it again.
I’ve also partnered with him on projects and have enjoyed the exchange of ideas and his broad perspective. Good guy.

Project: You & The Economy Tv Series 2003 – 2013
Relationship: Client
Mr. Soni Irabor,  – Talk show host, Inspiration FM.
I have worked with Ogaga on several projects. He is the the epitome of a level head and stability when it comes to high pressure situations.
Ogaga also possesses a great deal of creativity and a knack to provide solutions to problems that could be a show killer.
His temperament, integrity and rational approach to his craft makes him a real value to any project.
RelationshipClient  2007 – till date

Jeta Amata, – Director: Jeta Amata Concept, Los Angeles California.
I work with Ogaga all the time. We Travel and work together, and there is no one
better to have on set with you. Always professional and committed to getting the job done
He makes even the hardest shoots run smooth.”

Project: Dawn in the Creeks,  2013 – till date
 TV Series on Channels TV, AIT, NTA International
Relationship: Colleague

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